Regional and Municipal Emergency Management

Module Intentions

  1. Gain an overview of the roles and relationship between of the Municipal Emergency Management Committee-MEMC and the Regional Emergency Management Committee-REMC
  2. Outline the importance of Emergency Management Plans and Community Education and Resilience
  3. Understand the basics of preparedness, community warnings, public information and evacuation procedures and where to source further information in an emergency event if required.Why do you need to know about the REMC?

Why do you need to know about the REMC?

  • The REMC works closely with the MEMC to assist and may impose functions from time to time on the the Municipal Committee and, Municipal EM Coordinators, to proactively engage with stakeholders to enhance municipal emergency management arrangements.
  • MEM Coordinators play an important role in REMC as the conduit between Municipal Committee and the REMC.

When will you apply this knowledge?

What is the role of an Regional Emergency Management Committee (REMC)

  • At a regional level, emergency management activities are coordinated by a Regional Emergency Management Committee (REMC), which are chaired by the Regional Emergency Management Controllers (Tasmania Police Western, Northern, and Southern District Commanders)

Watch the following Tasmanian video below-Introduction to the Relationship between REMC and MEMC