What is a WebEOC board?

A board is an online representation of a notice board traditionally used in an operations centre. Users can easily input key information into the relevant board, sharing the information in real time. WebEOC consists of numerous boards and are accessed from the Control Panel on the Home Page.


WebEOC consists of a number of boards

WebEOC boards are accessed from the Control Panel on the Home Page. Click below to reveal these boards:

  1. Attendance Log
  2. Incidents
  3. Running Log
  4. Tasks
  5. Briefings
  6. Decisions
  7. Plans
  8. Situation Reports
  9. Media Releases
  10. Observation Log
  11. File Library
  12. Meeting Board
  13. Reports
  14. Contacts


This image below reflects the Control Panel Page


Attendance Log

The Attendance Log is an online contact list, providing current contact details for users involved in an incident. The Attendance Log is searchable and printable, and provides quick sign in, sign out and update features.


The Incidents board provides a list of current active incidents within Tasmania. Historical incidents can also be displayed by selecting Show Archived.

Running Log

The Running Log provides users with the most update information relating to all current incidents in Tasmania.


 Tasks Board

The Tasks board allows users to track and record tasks within their agency or between agencies.

Briefing board

The Briefing board allows users to complete briefings in varying detail from basic SMEAC orders through to strategic level briefings in preparation for upcoming briefings.

Decision Log

The Decision Log provides a record of all key decisions made by each agency. Critical decisions, such as the establishment and location of Evacuation Centres, and changes in the fire status, such as Watch and Act to Emergency Warning are recorded in the Decision Log.


Introduction to TEMA video

The video below provides an overview of the TEMA by Emergency Management subject matter experts in Tasmania. The TEMA is located in the File Library of the WebEOC under the Plans section. The TEMA should also be located on all the Municipal Councils staff web-pages.