Emergency Management Unit -EMU

The Emergency Management Unit-(EMU) provides whole of government advice and executive support to the State Emergency Management Committee and Regional Emergency Management Planning committees. It also takes the lead with much of the State’s emergency management planning and emergency risk management work.

We support the coordination of emergency management plans and policies identified by the Emergency Management Act 2006. This includes:

  • Municipal emergency management plans (maintained by municipal councils on behalf of the Municipal EM Committees)
  • Regional emergency management plans (north west, northern, southern)
  • The Tasmanian Emergency Management Arrangements (TEMA)
  • State Special Emergency Management Plans
  • State, regional and municipal emergency management policies.

SES EMU maintains the plan management system for these plans and provides advice and support to other government agencies who have other responsibilities related to emergency planning.

If you require any document in a different format, email us at ses@ses.tas.gov.au and let us know.

Where do I find the emergency management plans ?

View a summary list of all emergency management plans (PDF).

Specific information about Tasmanian Municipal Emergency Management Plans are located on your municipal council website. In addition, plans can be accessed by authorised access to WebEOC, which is an all-inclusive web-based emergency operation centre, designed to share real time information between all agencies involved in the emergency management within Tasmania. WebEOC is owned by the Department of Police, Fire and Emergency Management and is administered by Tasmania Police, Emergency Management. Alternatively contact ses@ses.tas.gov.au or your regional SES emergency management staff.