Managing exercises: A handbook for Tasmanian Government agencies

A handbook has been developed by the Tasmanian Government to assist government agencies run exercises in emergency management.

The handbook:

  • provides a simple overview of exercise management processes
  • provides a step-by-step guide through the phases of exercise management
  • can be used for single-agency, multi-agency or whole-of-government exercises
  • has been designed to support small exercises, while providing more comprehensive information for large or more complex exercises
  • includes useful templates and resources.

Who is this handbook for?

The handbook is aimed at:

  • managers running a small emergency management exercise
  • members of an exercise planning team running larger exercises
  • exercise directors or other senior managers who have exercise management responsibilities
  • anyone with an interest in exercise management in the Tasmanian Government.

Exercise templates and resources

The following templates and samples have been prepared to assist with the application of Managing exercises: A Handbook for Tasmanian Government agencies.