These programs have been superceded and are no longer taking new applications.

Natural Disaster Resilience Grant Program (NDRGP)

The NDRGP was a competitive grants program that aimed to support Tasmanian communities to implement the National Strategy for Disaster Resilience (NSDR) and strategic priorities outlined in the State Emergency Management Committee (SEMC) Strategic Directions Framework. The NDRGP promoted building partnerships between sectors, and encouraged regional and local communities to develop the capacity to prevent, prepare for, respond to and recover from emergencies.

Tasmanian Bushfire Mitigation Grants Program (TBMGP)

The Commonwealth National Bushfire Mitigation Programme (NBMP) 2014-15 provided $15 Million over three years to States and Territories to implement long-term bushfire mitigation strategies and improved fuel reduction activities.

The TBMGP was a competitive grants program that supported the National Bushfire Mitigation Programme. The TBMGP promoted and enabled long term bushfire mitigation strategies and fuel reduction programs in Tasmania, including:

  • effective land management strategies and practices that result in better fuel reduction
  • construction and maintenance of fire trails and associated accessibility measures
  • implementation of cost-effective activities that reduce the impact of severe bushfires and promote community resilience, such as support for volunteers
  • generation of scientific information, including hazard mapping, to develop best-practice strategies for bushfire mitigation and mitigating the effects of bushfires on communities
  • improving and hardening of critical infrastructure.