It is important to be aware of any flood risk that might exist where you live, where you have property and where you work.

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Severe storms accompanied by strong winds, lightning, hail and flash flooding can cause damage to properties if residents are unprepared.

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If you live on, or regularly visit the coast, get to know the tsunami history and the coastal flood-prone areas of your community.

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Landslides can occur anywhere. You can help reduce the effects of landslides by knowing what to do.

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When Flood occurs

  • If you’re isolated by floodwater, call 132 500
  • Check that family and neighbours are safe
  • Bring pets inside

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When the storm arrives

  • Stay indoors
  • Listen to your battery radio for information updates
  • Be alert and watch for hazards if driving

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During a Tsunami

  • Monitor local TV and radio
  • Reach high ground
  • Do not go onto the beach

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Take action during a Landslide

  • Alert proper officials
  • Alert neighbours
  • Leave the area

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Cleaning up after a Flood

  • Drink only bottled or boiled water
  • Be aware of road hazards
  • If you were evacuated, do not return home until authorities tell you it is safe.

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After the Storm

  • Stay clear of fallen power lines and debris
  • Do not allow children to play in or near floodwaters
  • Check that neighbours are okay

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After a Tsunami

  • Avoid the beach until deemed safe
  • Check that family and neighbours are okay
  • Be aware of hazards

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Landslide recovery

  • Notify authorities of any hazards
  • Stay clear of unstable areas
  • Turn off water, gas and electricity

BOM Weather Warnings

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    Community Alerts

    There are no emergency road closures or community alerts.
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