WebEOC is used to record activities, tasks, decisions, plans, situation reports, media releases, briefings and online meetings. It hosts a File Library which is an important resource for accessing emergency management plans, agency specific documentation, aide memoires and help guides.

Key Uses

Some key uses of WebEOC are bushfire and flood responses, extreme weather events, major public events, and exercises and training. Tasmania Police utilise WebEOC in a restricted area for managing search and rescue operations, sieges and other specialist police operations.

Landing Page

The image below is the landing page for WebEOC:

Home Page

The home page is used to provide system wide notifications, including recent upgrades, planned outages and any other changes.

It is utilised by:

  • All Emergency Services, Tasmania Police, Tasmania Fire Service, State Emergency Service and Ambulance Tasmania.
  • Other government departments including but not limited to Departments of State Growth, Health, Education, DPIPWE and local councils.
  • Other providers include Tas Networks, Telstra, NBN, TasWater, Airports and Seaports.
  • Volunteer groups Salvation Army, Surf Life Saving Tasmania, Australian Red Cross and many others.

Importance of WebEOC

The importance of WebEOC in the event of an emergency is paramount. Your understanding of the multiple uses for engagement with this online tool will be explained in this module. Click the headings below to gain an overall view of the key reasons why WebEOC is important in your role in emergency management.

The image below is a meeting between key stakeholders at the Northern Regional Emergency Management Committee-NREMC. The majority of these stakeholders will have accessibility and use of WebEOC.

Key Points of WebEOC use click below:

It is used in all aspects of Emergency Management, Prevention and Mitigation, Preparedness, Response and Recovery. Usage includes:

  • The Preparation of an event, operation or training exercise
  • The Response of an actual incident
  • The Recovery phase and
  • During the Review processes

It can be accessed through any internet capable device including mobile phones, simply by logging in through this website. WebEOC Tasmania



It is owned and administered by the Department of Police, Fire and Emergency Management.

It is all-inclusive and access is provided by the State Administrators to those with a business need. Users can gain and add to situational awareness during an incident or exercise and assist in decision making processes.