The National Flood Mitigation Infrastructure Program (NFMIP) was established under the Emergency Response Fund to deliver $100 million across 2020-21 and 2021-22 to state and territory governments for the construction or improvement of flood mitigation infrastructure.

Flood mitigation infrastructure is an essential public asset as defined in the Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements 2018. With the primary purpose of reducing the risk of flood to, and/or impact of flooding on a community of communities.

NFMIP contributes to a more disaster resilient and prepared Australia by providing funding for essential public assets that will:

  • reduce the impacts of floods on Australian communities
  • contribute to reducing eligible expenditure under the Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements
  • encourage positive change in the insurability of infrastructure
  • address relevant household or local government insurance affordability.

A copy of the National Flood Mitigation Infrastructure Program 2020-2021 Guidelines is available here.

A copy of the National Flood Mitigation Infrastructure Program 2021-2022 Guidelines is available here.

These programs have now been finalised and are not taking new applications.

National Flood Mitigation Infrastructure Program Approved Projects

Project NameProject DescriptionApproved Funding
NFMIP 2020 – 21
Latrobe Council – Latrobe Flood LeveesThis project involves constructing earth and concrete flood levees, water diversion structures and associated works.$1,270,000
South Hobart Primary SchoolThis project will protect the school from significant rainfall events, and mitigate a high risk of drowning on the site for any rainfall event above a 1 in 20 year or five per cent AEP.$648,000
Kingborough Council – Kingston RivuletThis project will upgrade the historic Kingston Rivulet to maximise the amount of flood water capable of draining into existing stormwater systems.$274,500
Waratah – Wynyard Council – Port Creek MitigationThis project involves widening of Port Creek as well as levee banks to hold back floodwaters in Port Creek from the surrounding airport and residential dwellings and floodwater discharge.$1,000,000
NFMIP 2021 – 22
Sorell Council – Devenish Drive SW UpgradeReplace piping, construct drainage and channels to mitigate future flood risks. $787,031
Sorell Council – Seventh Avenue – Carlton Beach SW UpgradeMinimise the flood risk at Carlton Beach Road through construction of new pit inlets, a new outfall and replacement of undersized piping$1,050,000

Any general enquiries can be directed to the Grant Coordinator, Cherie Harris at or on (03) 6173 2704.

For further information about the National Flood Mitigation Infrastructure Program, please see the National Emergency Management Agency website.