Introduction to WebEOC

Module Intentions

  1. Outline the management of WebEOC in Tasmania
  2. Explain the use of WebEOC in emergency management
  3. Understand how to access and navigate around WebEOC in order to source and input information
  4. Identify the importance of WebEOC in your organisation

Why do you need to know about WebEOC?

WebEOC enables agencies to improve overall situational awareness, decision making processes, and communication between agencies. This in turn creates a coordinated, collaborative approach to preventing, preparing for, responding to and recovering from any emergencies within Tasmania.

What is WebEOC?

WebEOC is an all-inclusive web-based emergency operations centre, designed to share real time information between all agencies involved in emergency management within Tasmania.

When will you use WebEOC?

WebEOC can be activated for any emergency incidents within Tasmania when in support of DPFEM. WebEOC can also be used to manage major events, special operations and multi-agency exercises.

Who managers WebEOC?

WebEOC is owned by the Department of Police, Fire and Emergency Management and is administered by Tasmania Police, Emergency Management Section.

The Tasmanian Emergency Management Arrangements (TEMA), and below, displays a flow chart that describes the WebEOC input, functionality and outcomes.

Input Data

Government agencies, Local Government Municipal Councils and Non Government Organisations all input data into WebEOC. This allows for sharing and dissemination of information across numerous boards.






The following video will assist people with emergency management responsibilities to understand the importance of accessing and utilizing WebEOC.