Tasmanian Emergency Management Training-TasEMT

TasEMT is a resource to enable people with emergency management responsibilities to increase their capability and capacity to be proficient during the All Hazards phases of prevention, preparedness, response and recovery-PPRR.


TasEMT introductory modules directly align with each of the PPRR phases and with your role and responsibilities as an emergency management stakeholder.

The Tasmanian Emergency Management Arrangements-TEMA provides a map which displays Tasmanian Municipal Councils and Regions which you should familiarise yourself with, as this is how we coordinate and oversee the management of emergencies that affect each of the regions in Tasmania. The map below is a simplified version displaying the  Division of Emergency Management regions.


TasEMT Contact US:

Any further information or feedback regarding the TasEMT modules or accompanying resources please email : TasEMT@ses.tas.gov.au

Which module should you complete?

Quick steps to start the modules:

  1. Identify which stakeholder group you are aligned with, and complete the recommended modules remembering to commence with the FOUNDATIONAL Module, Introduction to Tasmanian Emergency Management Arrangements-TEMA
  2. Page identification-M=Module Name and P= subpages of each module
  3. You can navigate through the modules via the left hand menu or via the NEXT or PREVIOUS button at the bottom of each page
  4. The modules should only take 20-30 minutes to complete
  5. Videos and resources are embedded throughout these modules to further increase your capability and capacity
  6. These modules are an excellent resource and supplementary to your continued professional learning in emergency management.

Once you have completed the Foundational and recommended modules you may feel free to work your way through the remaining modules to increase your awareness in different areas of emergency management.

Accessing your COMPLETION Certificate

To access the Completion Certificate you MUST view and read through all the pages of the module. On the FINAL page of each module you need to click on the highlight box that says, Completion Form and Certificate. This will generate an online form that once you have completed and press SUBMIT you will receive the PDF Completion Certificate to your email address. Each module has it’s own personalised certificate. This will be emailed to the email address that you enter on the form.

Click on the applicable stakeholder group below and a list of recommended modules will appear:

NB. If you believe you don’t fit into any of these groups please commence with the Foundational module-Introduction to TEMA and work your way through each module.


It is important to acknowledge that some elements of the Tasmanian Emergency Management Arrangements articulated in these modules do not necessarily reflect current practice. Rather, there is an aspirational intent to ensure that these modules are contemporary and to encourage continuous improvement across the sector. In some instances, information contained in these modules has been directly sourced from the Australian Emergency Management Arrangements Handbook and the Public Information and Warnings Handbook (AIDR 2019). © Commonwealth of Australia 2019.

Some information relating to The Australasian Inter-Service Incident Management System (AIIMS ® ) has been directly sourced for inclusion in the modules from the 2017 Australasian Fire and Emergency Service Authorities Council publication by the same name. © Australasian Fire and Emergency Service Authorities Council 2017. Some information relating to the International Association for Public Participation IAP2 © Australasia 2019 has been directly sourced.

In addition, the following groups and individuals are acknowledged for their contributions:

  • The development of the modules was jointly funded by the Australian Governments under the Natural Disaster Resilience Grant Program with support from Tasmanian State Emergency Services-SES
  • The development of the videos for the modules was jointly funded by the Tasmanian and Australian Governments under the Natural Disaster Resilience Grant Program and Recovery Arrangements with support from SES, Local Government Association of Tasmania-LGAT, Bureau of Meteorology, ABC News, The Mercury, Examiner, and Advocate newspapers.
  • Subject matter experts and volunteers from the Emergency Management sector for their contribution to the; Steering Committee, Reference Committee, Video Interviews and module content.
  • Tasmania Fire Services, Tasmania Fire Training, Ambulance Tasmania and Tasmania Police
  • Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) Lessons Management Framework document-author Mark Cuthbert (Adviser, Lessons and Evaluation, AMSA)
  • Tasmanian Pete Harmsen, Cameraman and Editor
  • The Department of Communities Tasmania, including the Family Violence Counselling and Support Service, and the Huon Domestic Violence Service.