Information Access

The Tasmanian Flood Mapping Projects provides information under the Creative Commons  Licence 4.0 as directed under the Tasmanian Governments Open Data Policy .
The Data is accessible through TheLIST portal.

Licence URL: Creative Commons — Attribution 4.0 International — CC BY 4.0
Please give attribution to: © State of Tasmania, 2019

Base Data

The data provided has been collected, created or assembled as part of the strategic flood studies for the Tasmanian Flood Mapping Project, the SES may update the data sets from time to time as it requires.

The base data can be accessed through Land Information System Tasmania (theList)


Catchment Flood Studies and Mapping

CatchmentCalibration (report)Defined Flood Events
0.5,1,2% AEP and
1% AEP in 2100 (Report)
Link to Mapping
Inglis River Catchment
Calibration Report
Included in Calibration ReportTBA
Validation Catchment Meander Report
(Methodology validation study)
Included in Calibration ReportTBA
Greater Forester – Brid
Great Forester – Brid calibration reportGreat Forester – Brid design modelling reportTBA
Arthur calibration report Arthur design flood modelling reportTBA
Scamander – Douglas calibration reportScamander – Douglas design flood modelling reportTBA
Ringarooma calibration reportRingarooma design flood modelling reportTBA
Emu calibration reportEmu design flood modelling reportTBA
Prosser calibration report
Prosser design flood modelling reportTBA
Swan – Aspley
Swan – Apsley calibration reportSwan – Apsley design flood modelling reportTBA
Gordon – Franklin
Gordon – Franklin calibration report
(hydrologic study)
Gordon-Franklin design flood modelling report
(hydrologic study)
Welcome – DuckWelcome – Duck calibration report
Welcome – Duck design flood modelling reportTBA
Pipers calibration reportPipers design flood modelling reportTBA
Musselroe – AnsonsMusselroe – Ansons calibration reportMusselroe – Ansons Bay design flood modelling reportTBA
Rubicon calibration reportRubicon design flood modelling reportTBA
Furneaux IslandsFurneaux calibration report
(hydrologic study)
Furneaux design flood modelling report
(hydrologic study)
TasmanTasman calibration reportTasman design flood modelling reportTBA
King IslandKing Island calibration report
(hydrologic study)
King Island design flood modelling report (hydrologic study)TBA
Black – DetentionBlack – Detention calibration reportBlack – Detention design flood modelling reportTBA
MerseyMersey calibration reportMersey design flood modelling reportTBA
Forth-Leven Forth – Leven calibration reportForth – Leven design flood modelling reportTBA
King-HentyKing – Henty Calibration Report
(hydrologic study)
King – Henty design flood modelling report
(hydrologic study)
HuonHuon calibration reportHuon design flood modelling reportTBA
kanamaluka / Tamar – Eskkanamaluka / Tamar – Esk calibration reportkanamaluka / Tamar – Esk design flood modelling report – Part 1

kanamaluka / Tamar – Esk design flood modelling report – Part 2

kanamaluka / Tamar – Esk design flood modelling report – Part 3

kanamaluka / Tamar – Esk design flood modelling report – Part 4
DerwentDerwent calibration reportDerwent design flood modelling reportTBA

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Detailed flood studies – co-funding

Detailed studies will be delivered through the Storm and Flood Ready Program. Contact Lynley Hocking
Coordinator, Storm and Flood Ready Program on +61 3 6477 7858.