After a storm:

  • Stay well clear of swollen creeks, drains, fallen trees, powerlines and damaged buildings.
  • Make sure children are ALWAYS well supervised. Do not allow children to play in or near floodwaters.
  • Always assume fallen powerlines are dangerous.
  • Check that neighbours are okay if it is safe to do so, especially the elderly.
  • Do not go ‘sightseeing’. Sightseers delay emergency services and cause accidents.

If you are affected and need to leave your home:

  • Take your emergency kit and pets with you.
  • Phone Anglicare on 1800 243 232 during business hours or 1800 800 588 after hours for assistance with emergency accommodation, clothing, food and other essentials.

If you are affected and are staying at home:

  • Stay at ground level while checking for damage. Look out for broken glass, loose tiles or roofing iron, damaged powerlines and other debris.
  • Have damaged wiring or other electrical equipment checked by an electrician.
  • Contact your insurance company immediately. Take photos of the damage.
  • If trees or branches have fallen around your yard and are not dangerous (eg over the driveway), contact your local tree service. Your insurance may cover these costs.