If you’re isolated by floodwater, contact the SES on 132 500.

  • Keep listening to your local radio for updates.
  • Check TasALERT for SES Flood Warnings
  • Check that family and neighbours are safe and aware of what’s happening.
  • Place important papers, photos, identification and valuables into your emergency kit.
  • Be aware the home could be a refuge for snakes, spiders and vermin.
  • Bring pets inside and prepare them for evacuation.
  • Secure objects that are likely to float and cause damage.
  • Securely stack furniture and possessions on benches and tables, placing electrical items on top.
  • Place waste containers, chemicals and poisons well above the predicted water level.
  • Block toilets and drains with sandbags to prevent sewerage backflow.

If you’re advised to evacuate:

  • Follow all instructions given by authorities.
  • Take the emergency kit.
  • Take your pets with you. Put them on leads or in pet containers. Dogs should be muzzled.
  • Turn off electricity, gas and water at the mains. Secure gas bottles and any other items that could float.
  • Stay with others from home during the evacuation.
  • Proceed to an evacuation centre if told to do so. If not, shelter at a friend or relative’s place on higher ground away from the flood.
  • Let others know wherever you go.

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