During an emergency, you may not have time to make alternative plans. You can take active steps to keep safe and minimise the effect of the emergency on you and your property.

Be Alert

Be aware of weather conditions likely to affect you and others.  This includes the potential impacts of floods, storms and tsunami in your local area, such as road closures, property damage, the loss of electricity, water and sewerage services; but especially the consequences these disasters can have on you, people you care about or animals in your care.

Listen to your local radio station

Listen to ABC Local Radio for information, updates and advice. We also issue information on local flood impacts to local radio stations during floods. Where possible, we will post information about current floods, storms and tsunami on our website and our Facebook page.

View Tasmanian Police information on road access and closures.

Know who to call

In life threatening emergencies call Triple Zero (000).

For emergency help in floods, storms and tsunami, call SES on 132 500.

Follow all advice given to you by emergency services.

Act early

It is important to act early – leaving an area during a disaster can take time: people and pets can be hard to reach; children, the elderly and people living with disabilities need extra time to move; roads can close and access to services may be cut. Take active steps to reduce damage to your property.

Follow your emergency plan and keep your emergency kit handy.