Tasmanian Emergency Risk Assessment Guidelines

The Tasmanian Emergency Risk Assessment Guidelines (TERAG) and associated templates and tools provide an easy to follow process to create consistent and reliable risk assessments for emergency management.

The risk assessments help to maintain current controls, identify new treatments, and manage existing and emerging risks from natural and human-induced hazards to Tasmania’s people, economy, environment, social setting and administration.

These draft guidelines complement the risk management process in the Tasmanian Emergency Management Arrangements (TEMA) and the draft SEMC Emergency Management Planning Policy (in development).

The TERAG reflects risk management methodologies to natural hazards in the 2012 and 2016 Tasmanian State Natural Disaster Risk Assessment (TSNDRA) projects.

Human-induced hazards such as intentional violence (e.g. terrorism) are not directly addressed at this stage. However, the principles, framework and methodology outlined in the policy and guidelines are equally applicable to these hazards and should be utilised. For further information relating to terrorism, Special Response and Counter-Terrorism (SRCT), contact Tasmania Police at SRCT@police.tas.gov.au.

Tasmanian Emergency Risk Assessment Guidelines Toolbox

The TERAG Toolbox contains a suite of resources to assist Tasmanian emergency management committees, hazard management authorities and other organisations undertake emergency management risk assessments.

Before running assessment workshops, facilitators and participants are encouraged to undertake the Australian Institute of Disaster Resilience NERAG Online Training to deepen their understanding of the National Emergency Risk Assessment Guidelines (NERAG) process. The State Emergency Service can also be contacted (sesplanning@ses.tas.gov.au) for advice on TERAG training and the conduct of risk assessment workshops in accordance with the TERAG methodology.

The following resources (PDF and .doc) are available risk assessment workshop facilitators and participants to assist with risk assessments:

If you require these documents in a different format, email us at ses@ses.tas.gov.au and let us know.


The Tasmanian Emergency Risk Assessment Guidelines and Toolbox were developed by the State Emergency Service on behalf of the State Emergency Management Committee with assistance from an Australian Government grant under the National Partnership Agreement on Natural Disaster Resilience.

The State Emergency Service acknowledges the assistance of the Western Australian Department of Fire and Emergency Services’s Office of Emergency Management in providing advice, insights and examples of Western Australian guidelines and resources.