2022Adrian Webster
SES Southern Regional Training Officer
Rose-Anne Emmerton
SES Unit Manager, Central Coast Unit
Graydon O’Halloran
SES Launceston General Response Unit
2021Cheryl Ames
SES Emergency Management Unit
Jason Lawrence
SES Unit Manager, Derwent Valley Unit
Jason Robins
SES Unit Manager, Southern Midlands Unit
2020Willian James Folder
SES Volunteer, Search & Rescue Team
Vincent Holthouse
SES Unit Manager, King Island Unit
Neil Gerrard Van Veldhuizen
Deputy Unit Manager, Northern
Incident Management Unit
2019Mark Dance
SES Southern Regional Officer
Lynton Zane Free
SES Volunteer, Circular Head Unit
Alton Bond
SES Volunteer, Huon Valley Unit
2018Nigel King
SES Volunteer, Southern Regional Unit
Christopher Draffin
SES Volunteer, Break O’Day Unit, St Helens
2017Mhairi Bradley
SES Northern Regional Manager
Andrew Taylor
SES Volunteer, George Town
Chris Fagg
Municipal Coordinator, Waratah/Wynyard Council
2016John Campbell
SES Volunteer, Zeehan Unit
Kelvin Jones
SES Unit Manager, Glamorgan Spring Bay
Peter Geard
SES Unit Manager, Brighton Unit
2015Mark Gillies
SES Unit Manager, Meander Valley Unit
Timothy Kirkwood
General Manager, Southern Midlands Council
2014Harold Deverell
SES Volunteer, Latrobe Unit
Susan Powell
Primary Health Coordinator, THO Southern
Paul Branch
SES Volunteer, Southern Regional
2013Mark Nelson
SES Southern Regional Manager
Bevis Perkins
SES Unit Manger, Northern Midlands Unit
Donald Mackrill
Municipal Emergency Coordinator, George Town
2012Andrew Lea
SES Director
Ian ‘Snow’ Nielsen
SES Unit Manager, Circular Head Unit
Gregory French
Municipal Coordinator, Glenorchy City Council
2011David Oakley
SES Unit Manager, Northern Midlands Unit
Frank Henderson
Municipal Coordinator, Hobart City Council
Robert Butterfield
SES Unit Manager, Queenstown Unit
2010Philip Bird
SES Unit Manager, Mersey Unit
Michael Street
Municipal Coordinator, Hobart City Council
2009Paul Shipp
SES Unit Manager, West Coast (Rosebery) Unit
Toni Brown
Recovery Coordinator North/North West
2008Craig Blizzard
SES Deputy Unit Manager, Circular Head Unit
Roger Brown
SES Southern Regional Headquarters
Antonio Chirichiello
SES Volunteer, Dorset Unit
2007Paul Darby
SES Team Leader, Central Coast Unit
Claus Wilkens
SES Unit Manager, Flinders Island Unit
2006David Dowden
SES Unit Manager, Central Coast Unit
John Mackonis
SES Unit Manager, Southern Regional Unit
2005Anthony Dick
SES North West Regional Officer
Frank Lawes
SES Unit Manager, Wynyard Unit
Bryan Watson
SES Unit Manager, Meander Valley Unit
2004Rupert Sandy
SES Manager Operations
Leigh Higgins
SES Unit Manager, Kingborough/Bruny Island
Ian Holloway
Municipal Coordinator, Launceston City Council
2003Garry Muldoon
SES Southern Regional Officer
Richard Elliott
SES Unit Manager, Kentish Unit
Rodney Sweetnam
Municipal Coordinator, Launceston City Council
2002Geoff Marsh
SES Southern Regional Manager
Ian Kingston
SES Unit Manager, Tasman Unit
Edwin Humber
Royal Volunteer Coastal Patrol
2001Bevis Dutton
SES North West Regional Manager
John Duncombe
SES Unit Manager, Burnie Unit
Rex Rainbow
SES Unit Manager, Dorset Unit
2000Joseph Paul
Director SES
Catherine Bradley
SES Unit Manager, Glamorgan/Spring Bay Unit
Rodney McGee
Southern Department of
Infrastructure, Energy and Resources (DIER)