TasEMT modules now have an online form embedded into the final page of each module. Once this form is completed online the participant will be emailed a Completion Certificate for that module to their email address that they have inputted into the online form. Each module has its own specific Completion Certificate. More information regarding this certificate is on the landing page of TasEMT.

A reminder that Tasmanian Communities and their assets are at increased risk of being exposed to the impact of these disasters. The need to share information, manage knowledge and learn from others within the emergency management sector is paramount following an incident, exercise, or review. Continuous improvement and development across the EM sector contribute to our collective ability to learn from experience, manage knowledge gained and develop learning organisations that can adapt to deal with current, emerging, and unexpected threats.

The importance for all Emergency Management personnel to have free and accessible opportunities for professional learning to enhance their capability and capacity is available by completing the TasEMT online modules.