Tasmania’s SES leads the coordination of the state’s consultation framework for emergency management. Groups within this framework are authorised by the Emergency Management Act 2006 (Sections 7-22) and include:

  • municipal emergency management committees
  • regional emergency management committees
  • the State Emergency Management Committee (SEMC)
  • sub-committees established by emergency management committees
  • stakeholder and advisory groups that collaborate with emergency management committees and sub-committees
  • together these groups provide the main structure for consultation and collaboration for Tasmanian emergency management.

A series of templates are available as MS Word files for use by Tasmania’s emergency management committee to promote consistency.

Committee templates may only be viewed by those with authorisation and can be accessed via WebEOC.

Further enquiries about Tasmanian emergency management committee templates or access to Web EOC can be forwarded to sesplanning@ses.tas.gov.au or your SES Regional Manager.