Drivers are being urged to take a break and drive revived this long weekend.

“The State Emergency Service will again have Driver Reviver stations set up this long weekend, with all motorists urged to pull in and take a break,” said SES Director, Andrew Lea.

“Traditionally the Easter long weekend sees more motorist travelling for longer distances, especially on Monday following the long weekend. We urge all motorists to take a break at the Driver Reviver stations to revive their energy levels and alertness on the roads.

“Our dedicated volunteers will be forgoing their long weekend to support the community, and I encourage anyone near the Driver Reviver stations to pull in, take advantage of a free cup of coffee, and say hello to the devoted men and women who are there to encourage everyone to be safe on our roads.”

Driver reviver sites will be staffed by SES volunteers on Monday at Parramatta Creek and Franklin River, with free tea and coffee available for people needing to take a break.

All motorists are reminded that driving tired is dangerous and puts people at risk of crashing and being killed or seriously injured on the roads. In a two-second concentration lapse, a vehicle going 60 km/h will cover 33 metres – in those few seconds a life-changing crash can happen.