SES volunteers will be stationed at Campbell Town Recreation Grounds on Monday to ensure Tasmanians make it safely to their destinations after the long weekend.

“The State Emergency Service will again have a Driver Reviver station set up in Campbell Town on Monday, with all motorists urged to pull in and take a break,” said SES Executive Director, Mick Lowe.

“Our dedicated volunteers will be out there supporting the community, and I encourage everyone to pull in, take advantage of a free cup of coffee, and say hello to the devoted men and women who are there to encourage everyone to be safe on our roads.”

“Driving tired is dangerous and puts people at risk of crashing and being killed or seriously injured on the roads. In a two-second concentration lapse, a life-changing crash can happen.”

“We would much rather serve you a cuppa and have a chat than be called to assist you in the event of a crash,” said Mr Lowe.

“Do the right thing if you are feeling tired. The message is simple – Stop, Revive, Survive.”