Tasmania State Emergency Service (SES) is renewing the call to Tasmanians, particularly those in the north and north-west, to be prepared for intense rainfall, damaging winds, and potential flooding from tonight.

Tasmania SES Acting Director, Leon Smith, said “As forecast by the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM), Tasmania is looking at a protracted rain event of significance that is going to impact the north and north-west of the state from tonight.”

“The state is already very wet, which means that rain over the next few days could lead to flooding in the forecast areas.

“It’s imperative that Tasmanians heed the warnings and take note that intense rainfalls could lead to significant flooding within the north-west, north, and north-east areas of the state.”

Forecast damaging winds, combined with wet soil, could lead to trees coming down, and power outages.

“Of concern in the first instance, modelling shows impacts on the north-west townships of Railton, Latrobe, Wivenhoe, Burnie, and Sheffield,” said Acting Director Smith.

“This is a dynamic situation of significance that we are monitoring, but inevitably we will see flooding in some areas within the forecast areas over the coming days.

“If you know that you live in a low-lying area that is prone to flooding; if you were in areas of the North-West in the 2016 floods; and you are aware that your property, or the property of someone you know, has been previously impacted by flood, there is a high chance flood impacts will be seen during this event.

“I encourage the community to keep up-to-date with the weather and flood warnings from the official emergency sources.

“Utilise resources on the SES website and plan to make decisions safely. This is forecast to be an event of significance and emergency services are prepared to assist the community.

“If you have any concerns about the current situation, make a decision to leave early.”

SES urge people to seek further information and keep up-to-date with information from:

· http://www.bom.gov.au/tas/warnings/ – for the latest weather forecast and warnings.

· https://www.alert.tas.gov.au/ – for current flood warnings and advice.

· https://www.ses.tas.gov.au/ – for advice on how to prepare, and make flood and evacuation plans

· https://www.police.tas.gov.au/community-alerts/ – for road closures

In the event of heavy rainfall and flooding:

· Check that family and neighbours, especially those who are vulnerable, are aware and have a plan in place.

· Supervise children closely.

· Minimise unnecessary travel.

· Never enter or drive through floodwaters, and when driving look out for debris on roads including fallen trees and power lines.

· Manage pets and livestock.

· Be prepared for flash-flooding.

· Be prepared for power outages.

· Listen to the ABC radio

For assistance:

· Call SES on 132 500 for flood and storm-related emergency assistance.

· Dial Triple Zero (000) in a life-threatening emergency.