An experienced Flood Engineer from Tasmania’s State Emergency Service will be deployed to NSW today, to assist with the unfolding flood emergency.
“Following a formal request for assistance received from the National Resource Sharing Centre, SES Tasmania will today be deploying a specialist Flood Engineer to the NSW SES Rhodes, Metro Zone Incident Control Centre, to assist with the unfolding flood emergency” said Tasmania SES Acting Director, Leon Smith.
“Miss Audrey Lau, a Flood Engineer within the Tasmania SES Flood Policy Unit will undertake a five-day deployment, providing specialist support to our colleagues in NSW.
“This is Audrey’s third deployment in support of SES NSW this calendar year, and her expertise in the area of flood analysis and hydrology is recognised and respected widely within the Emergency Services sector.
“SES Tasmania is proud to be resourced and prepared to support other jurisdictions in their time of need.”