TasEMT is a resource to enable people with emergency management responsibilities to increase their capability and capacity to be proficient during the All-Hazards phases of prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery (PPRR).

The Introduction to Tasmania’s Disaster Resilience StrategyTDRS module acknowledges that disasters will impact Tasmanian communities– we just do not know when or precisely how. Recent bushfires, the pandemic and extreme weather events show that disasters happen unexpectedly anywhere. Collectively we have enough experience and knowledge to understand our disaster risks so we can plan and act to reduce and prepare for events when they do occur.

Tasmanians have always responded with tenacity and generosity. We support one another in times of need. Our emergency services, volunteers, community organisations, governments and businesses work tirelessly to respond and to help communities to recover. The reality of climate change is that extreme weather events are becoming more common. There are more hot days and intense rainfall. Bushfires, floods and storms continue to put people at risk, destroy property and impact communities, businesses, and the economy.

While the focus of disaster resilience is on reducing disaster risks, we cannot eliminate disaster risks completely. This module summarises aspects of The Tasmanian Disaster Resilience Strategy plus the background supporting document highlighting that disaster resilience is about being prepared for disasters when they occur, as well as aiming to reduce the likelihood and impacts of disasters.

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