The State Emergency Service and Kentish Council are partnering to deliver a Community Flood Planning Pilot Project for the community of Railton.

As part of the Project, a Community Flood Guide will be developed for the town of Railton to provide the community with accessible, understandable, and accurate information on flooding risks.

“To ensure residents in the Railton area have the right information to make informed decisions regarding flooding, we’re producing a Community Flood Guide for Railton,” said Director of SES Andrew Lea.

“It’s important for us to ensure the Flood Guide will provide the right information to the community to allow people to make informed decisions to help keep themselves, their family and their friends safe before, during and after a flood.”

As part of the development of the Flood Guide, input is being sought from the Railton community to allow people to share their knowledge of the flood risks in their town.

“I encourage people in the Railton area to attend the Community Meeting in Railton this Thursday to discuss flood risk and seek advice on how to write a Home Emergency Plan with members from the SES.” 

SES members will be at the Community Meeting at Kings Hall in Railton on Thursday 27 February at 7pm.

To seek further information about flood risk, the Community Flood Planning Pilot Project, or to provide feedback to the project, members of the community can contact Community Flood Planner, Emma Gardner via email to or phone 6166 5685.

The Community Flood Planning Pilot Project will deliver Community Flood Guides for the at risk communities of Railton, St Marys and Huonville.