Tasmanians are encouraged to prepare their properties for heavy rainfall and damaging winds across the state and be prepared for potential flash flooding.

“The State Emergency Service is working closely with the Bureau of Meteorology to monitor and prepare for tomorrow’s forecast conditions,” said Regional Manager Mark Nelson.

“People in the forecast areas listed by the BOM should prepare their properties today for heavy rainfall and high winds. This includes clearing drains and gutters to ensure they can flow freely, and tying down loose items including outdoor furniture and play equipment.

“When damaging winds are paired with heavy rainfall, this increases the chances of trees coming down so people must also be aware of this potential. “The State Emergency Service is preparing to have volunteer crews on standby to assist the community. We would ask people to take the time today to prepare themselves for the hazards associated with heavy rainfall and damaging winds,” he said.

SES advises that people should do the following to prepare for severe weather:
 Clear drains and gutters of debris so they flow freely
 Secure outdoor items including furniture and play equipment
 Beware of fallen trees and power lines
 Monitor conditions and move stock and equipment from low-lying paddocks as required
 Check that family and neighbours are aware of warnings
 Never enter floodwater or drive on flooded roads – it only takes 15cm of water to float a car
 Be aware of debris on roads after flooding has subsided
 Visit www.ses.tas.gov.au for further preparation advice
 Listen to ABC Local Radio for updates in an emergency
 Keep up to date with the latest weather warnings at www.bom.gov.au/tas

If your life is in danger call triple zero. If you need emergency assistance from the SES, call 132 500.