The anniversary of the extreme weather event that impacted Hobart in May last year has prompted the State Emergency Service to remind people to prepare their properties for floods and storms.

During last year’s May 10 extreme weather event, SES attended more than 180 requests for assistance in the Greater Hobart area after very strong winds and heavy rain resulted in flash flooding, causing significant damage to homes, businesses and infrastructure, and widespread power outages.

“Last year’s weather event was an unfortunate way for many to learn the lesson that these weather events can come with little, to no warning, and that being prepared is the best way to minimise the risk of damage to properties,” said SES Acting Director, Leon Smith.

“A lot of the damage to residential properties could have been minimised if homeowners took some simple proactive steps to be prepared before an emergency, such as keeping gutters clear of debris and in good repair.

“Unlike other parts of Australia, there is no such thing as ‘flood or storm season’ in Tasmania. Floods and storms can happen at any time of the year and there are practical things everyone should be doing now to prepare their home before an emergency happens,” said Acting Director Smith.

The SES website has a helpful guide for preparing a Home Emergency Plan that included what
to do before an emergency to be ready; what to do during the emergency to keep safe and minimise the impact; what to do after the emergency to get help, recover and return to
normal life.

Advice from the State Emergency Service:

  • prepare your home before the threat of an emergency
  • heavy rain can cause water to come through your roof due to blocked guttering and drain pipes
  • flooding can occur if culverts, water pits and downpipes at ground level are blocked
  • check, clean and repair gutters and keep drains clear of debris
  • maintain any trees near your home to reduce the risk of limbs or trees falling during high winds
  • talk to your family, friends and neighbours to help them prepare
  • be prepared for power outages with an emergency kit.

For further information about a Home Emergency Plan and safety tips for storms and floods,
go to: