The Department of Police Fire and Emergency Management will undertake a targeted review of Tasmania’s Emergency Management Act 2006 to modernise key parts of the legislation to incorporate lessons learned during COVID-19. To facilitate the Review the draft Terms of Reference found here are available for public comment and consultation.

Public comment and consultation of the draft Terms of Reference will remain open until 15 October 2021 and responses can be sent to

It is important to understand that Tasmania is still in the response phase to the COVID-19 Emergency, and this review is targeted in nature to address key reports and recommendations that can improve our emergency response to COVID-19.  The draft Terms of Reference are therefore focused on reviews and audits that have been undertaken into Tasmania’s response to the COVID-19 Emergency to ensure that the Emergency Management Act 2006 is updated to assist in improving our future emergency response to COVID-19.

A full review of the Emergency Management Act 2006 will take place when the State moves from response to recovery and the Public Health Emergency is stood down.