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Frequently Asked Questions

SES Questions

When should I call the SES?

How do I become a Volunteer?

Web Questions

How do I get around the website?

There are a number of ways to move around within the Tasmania SES website.

Top Tabs | Top Menus | Sidebar Menus | Breadcrumb Trail | Related Links | Search | Sitemap | Close question

The Top Tabs

Two Main Tabs

The top two tabs take you to the main sections of the website - Emergency Service and Emergency Management. In Emergency Services you will find information about volunteering, operations, the regions and media releases. In Emergency Managment, you will find information about emergency risk management, public safety, planning and funding programmes.

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The Top Menus

Top emergency services menu

The top menus allow you to move between the main areas of the site.

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The Sidebar Menus

The Sidebar Menus allow you to drill down into the content.

sidebar menu second level sidebar 

The first sidebar menu shows
only the first two levels of the website.

After selecting Joining the SES,
the next level of content is revealed.

You can use the back arrow Image of back arrow to move back up through the content levels, or simply reselect the area from the top menu or breadcrumb trail.

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Breadcrumb Trail

At the top of every page other than the home pages,just under the top menu, there is a 'breadcrumb trail' showing you your location within the site.

Breadcrumb navigation image

You can select any of the linked 'crumbs' along that path.

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Related Links

On most pages of the website, you will find Related links either at the side or bottom of the page.

Related Links Box     Related Links

These links will take you to content that is related to the information you are currently viewing.

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At the top of every page of the site is the Search form.

Search form

You can type a word into this search form and a search will find all the instances of that word throughout the site (not including attached documents such as PDFs and Word files) and show you the results.

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There is a link to a map of the site in the footer of every page. The site map shows all major areas of the site and selecting any of the links takes you straight to that area.

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How can I view the site in another language?

Having problems using the site?

What does Link to External Site Icon mean?

How can I print a page from the site exactly as it looks in my browser?