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General Rescue

This encompasses storm damage, flood response, communications, urban search and rescue and emergency lighting.

Storm and Flood Response

This is a specialisation of General Rescue.  It involves additional skills in the areas of roof top safety, temporary roof repair and the appropriate use of sandbagging.

Road Crash Rescue

This is a time critical response in assistance to other emergency services.  Volunteers are trained in the stabilisation of vehicles and the extraction of victims from vehicles after a vehicle crash.

Remote Area Search and Rescue

Teams of volunteers who have an interest and specialist skills in the area of remote area bushwalking.  They are trained to participate in search and rescue jobs for missing or injured bushwalkers, rock climbers, cavers or paddlers.

Public Relations

This is an aspect for which all units have a responsibility.  This role is performed by assisting the community and other agencies with festivals and other events.  The Units  perform this role within their municipal area with the regional units taking part at a regional level.