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Client Satisfaction Survey 2015 Results Summary

Client Satisfaction Survey 2015 Results Summary

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Earlier this year, the Tasmania State Emergency Service carried out a Client Satisfaction Survey in order to ascertain the level of satisfaction with training among volunteers and gain a better understanding of issues and possible improvements in the Vocational Education and Training conducted by the Organisation.

In total, 105 volunteers responded to the survey, which consisted of 12 questions relating to training. Volunteers were asked to indicate their level of satisfaction and/or provide feedback on what worked well and what areas were in need of improvement.

Question 1: How would you rate the quality of the training you are currently receiving?

80% of respondents indicated a high level of satisfaction with current training.

Comments indicated that many volunteers are satisfied with the practical nature of the training, working as part of a team and learning from others, the knowledge and experience of trainers and the nationally accredited status of the training.

Volunteers also indicated a need for more training and equipment to be available and for earlier notification of training opportunities.

 Question 1 ChartTop

Question 2: How would you rate the quality of training materials you have received? 

81% of respondents indicated a high level of satisfaction with the quality of training materials.

Many volunteers said the training materials are informative, easy to read and provide good reference material.

However, some comments indicated that training materials should be kept up to date, that electronic training materials could be provided and that materials should be provided prior to the course.

Question 2 ChartTop

Question 3: How would you rate the quality of the assessment you have received?

82% of respondents rated the quality of their assessments highly.

Volunteers felt that their assessors were fair and reasonable and accommodated all learners, and that assessors provided relevant feedback.

Some volunteers felt that assessments could be more demanding and that they could be undertaken closer to the completion of the training course.

Question 3 ChartTop

Question 4: How would you rate the trainers and assessors you have experienced? (This includes regional training staff, unit trainers and external trainers).

82% of respondents rated their trainers and assessors highly.

Volunteers felt that their trainers/assessors had a wealth of knowledge and experience, were approachable and displayed a high level of commitment.

Comments indicated that some volunteers thought unit trainers would benefit from further professional development and accreditation in the area of training and that having more access to external or regional trainers would be beneficial.

Question 4 chartTop

Question 5: In which areas has training increased your skills and/or knowledge?

Question 5 GraphTop

Question 6: Which have been your areas of greatest improvement during your participation in the TAS SES?

Question 6 GraphTop

Question 7: Are there any areas you think the SES Learning section could improve to provide you with quality training? If so, please outline the areas that could be improved.

There were 34 responses to this question with improvements suggested:

  • Training materials available prior to courses
  • More unit trainers to be accredited trainers
  • Courses offered more frequently
  • Accessible equipment
  • Faster issuing of statements of attainment


Question 8: How would you rate the quality of the learning support provided to you by the Regional Training Officers?

88% of respondents rated support provided by the Regional Training Officers very highly and 65% thought the support was excellent.

Volunteers felt that the Regional Training Officers were very approachable and available, had excellent knowledge and experience and displayed a high level of professionalism.

Volunteers would prefer to have more Regional Training Officers available to cover cancellations and remote areas and provide support at training activities.

Question 8 ChartTop

Question 9: How would you rate the overall quality of training activities you are receiving from your unit?

79% of respondents rated the quality of training activities as more than satisfactory.

Volunteers felt that the training activities were conducted in familiar surrounds, promoted team building and skills maintenance and were relevant to operational needs.

Some volunteers felt that unit training should be more organised and supported, with access to equipment and training materials and more accredited unit trainers and assessors.

Question 9 Chart


Question 10: How would you rate the organisation’s commitment to volunteer training?

79% of respondents believed the level of commitment to volunteer training was more than satisfactory.

Comments indicated that the SES provides helpful and knowledgeable trainers and assessors and staff who show a high level of commitment.

Some volunteers felt that more participation from paid staff across the organisation would be beneficial and felt that they would benefit from more training.

Question 10 ChartTop

Question 11: Which of the following training areas would you like to see improve over the next 12 months?  

Question 11 Graph

There were 15 other training areas nominated for improvements.  These included:

  • Earlier notification of training dates
  • More skills maintenance training
  • Stronger commitment to recognising individual strengths
  • Leadership training including team leaders


Question 12: Please tick one or more of the following areas you think training material could be made available to volunteers.

Question 12 GraphTop


Overall, respondents indicated a high level of satisfaction with the trainers and training provided by the SES. While all of the feedback we received cannot be detailed here, the issues raised and suggestions made by volunteers within the survey are being taken into consideration in forward planning.


We would like to thank everyone who participated in this survey. Your participation is highly valued by the Tasmania State Emergency Service.



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