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Queenstown Unit

132500 - For storm & flood response

Contact Details:

9 Batchelor Street
Queenstown TAS 7467

Unit Manager: Robert Butterfield

Unit Training:

Day: Tuesday
Frequency: Weekly
Time:  19:00 (7pm)



Operational Duties: 

  • Storm response

Further Information:

The Queenstown Unit is one of three units on the West Coast and covers a wide area from Derwent Bridge to Strahan and about 60 km along the Anthony Road towards Tullah.  The unit responds to the following emergency operations - general rescue, storm damage, road crash rescue and land search and rescue. 

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Queenstown Unit

Home of the Queenstown Unit

Queenstown Unit Queenstown Unit

Queenstown's Light Rescue Rescue Vehicle

Queenstown 9.1

Queenstown's Light Rescue Rescue Vehicle Queenstown's Light Rescue Rescue Vehicle

Inter-agency Training

SES crews working with TFS and AT at an inter-agency training exercise

Inter-agency Training Inter-agency Training