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Northern Regional Headquarters Unit

132500 - For storm & flood response

Contact Details:

339 Hobart Road
Youngtown TAS 7249

Unit Training:

Day:  Monday Wednesday
Frequency:  Fortnightly
Time:  Check with Unit


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Operational Duties: 

  • Storm response
  • Road Crash Rescue
  • Search and Rescue
  • General Rescue

Further Information:

Northern Regional Headquarters is based in Youngtown and has three teams which train in Communications, Storm Damage, General Rescue and Search and Rescue. Whilst they are a regional resource, they are also involved in local operational activities in Launceston as they are supported by Launceston City Council. Several members participate in training and operations in more than one rescue discipline.

For further information regarding joining SES Northern Region, please contact the Northern HQ on (03) 6777 3777 or via email to

NRHQ Communications Team

The Communications Team provides communication and operational support and logistics during emergencies and disasters. The Communications Team specialises in the setup and manning of Emergency Operations Centres (normally mobile).

Functions include: remote communications, computerised mapping, monitoring and tracking of search teams, and issuing and control of equipment used in searches and disasters. Search teams comprise SES volunteers, Police Officers and teams from private organisations such as mounted search and rescue. The Communications Team trains fortnightly on Monday nights.

NRHQ General Rescue Team

The General Rescue Team trains fortnightly on a Wednesday evening at Northern Regional Headquarters. Their role is to provide storm damage, general rescue, emergency operation centres and land search support to other SES Units and agencies. This Unit is often requested to assist Tasmania Police in scene preservation and traffic control for large events. The team also has responsibility for operations in the Launceston Area.

NRHQ Search and Rescue Team

The Search and Rescue (SAR) Team undertakes remote area search and rescue training and operations. The SAR Team trains fortnightly on a Thursday evening at Northern Regional Headquarters. Training includes search techniques, communications, navigation and first aid. Search and Rescue Teams have the ability to rapidly deploy on extended searches anywhere in Tasmania and are required to perform these duties regardless of seasonal weather or terrain. As a regional resource they support Tasmania Police across the region and on occasion are utilised on a statewide basis.

Further information on Search and Rescue Teams

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