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Bushfires Story Booth Tour

1967 Bushfires Story Booth Tour

Bushfire Story BoothThroughout 2016 the Tasmania Fire Service Bushfire-Ready Neighbourhoods program will tour a video story booth to commemorate the 50 year anniversary of the ‘67 bushfires. People are invited to record their story in the video booth that will be at major community events and venues state-wide.

In January to March of 2016 the video booth recorded a range of stories of people’s experience of the 1967 bushfires to add to the collection. Mrs Marjory Woolford recollects that “the morning of February the seventh 1967 began as most other days began but the morning had an oppressive feel about it with foreboding of something sinister about to happen.”

Helen Walch remembers “ heading to Kingston was terrible journey so dark at times and the fire kept catching up and trees and bushes were on fire, as we approached Taroona fire was on both sides of the road and large pieces of houses were blowing on the road.”

If you have a story to share you can add to the collection by visiting the video booth as it continues the tour over the next few months to collect stories. The tour dates for the months of March to the end of June 2016 are:

  • MILE Centre in Oatlands, 7 to 14 March
  • Waddamana Power Station Museum, 15 to 20 March
  • Kempton Council Chambers, 21 to 31 March
  • Huon LINC April 1-9
  • Derwent Valley Autumn Festival April 10
  • New Norfolk Library April 11-23
  • Clarence Plains Community Festival April 30
  • Hobart Library May 2-31
  • AGFEST May 5-7
  • All Saints Church Markets, South Hobart May 28
  • Moonah Arts Centre June 6-17
  • Glenorchy LINC June 18- July 1

To commemorate the 50 year anniversary of the bushfires in February 2017 the collection of stories will feature online and form part of a major exhibition at the Tasmania Museum and Art Gallery in 2017, and stories will be incorporated into the Tasmania archives.

To watch Mrs Marjory Woolford’s video story recorded at the Hobart Branch of Bendigo Bank in January 2016 visit the Bushfire-ready Neighbourhoods Link to External Site website.

To find out more about the ’67 bushfires video booth tour around Tasmania contact Lesley King on 1800 000 699 or email