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26 OCT 2016 Mhairi Revie - Regional Manager North 132 500


State Emergency Service Test Launceston Flood Siren

SES will conduct a test of the Launceston flood siren today between 7.00 and 7.30pm in Invermay. The siren will be sounded three times during the test in various Invermay locations.

State Emergency Service Regional Manager Mhairi Revie today said, "Launceston is flood prone municipality, with the suburbs of Invermay and Inveresk being particularly at risk. In the event of a major flood, approximately 3000 residents and up to 270 businesses would require evacuation from the Invermay/Inveresk area".

Ms Revie confirmed that a flood evacuation plan for the Invermay area is in place. "The plan has been prepared collaboratively between SES, Tasmania Police and City of Launceston. We are confident that we are well prepared for an evacuation if and when required for the Invermay area”.

Should an evacuation of the Invermay/Inveresk area be required, the siren will be sounded to notify residents and businesses of the need to evacuate.The siren sounds similar to a traditional air raid siren.

"In the event that Invermay requires evacuation, people will be notified via the media, doorknocks conducted by Police and SES, and through the telephone automated messaging system, Emergency Alert”, said Ms Revie, emphasising that it is only one tool forming a part of a whole suite of evacuation warning tools.

Ms Revie further added that this year’s June floods highlighted the importance of residential and business preparedness ahead of major flood events.

“Disasters will happen and it’s important that the community know, understand and prepare for the risks they face,” Ms Revie said.

For information on what to do before, during and after a flood, contact the Launceston City Council on (03) 6323 3000, or go to Council's website at Link to External Site.


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