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Date: Contact: Phone:
07 JUN 2016 DPFEM Media Unit 03 6173 2424


Invermay and Longford - Possible Evacuation 0945hrs

Invermay and Longford residents are asked be ready to implement their flood evacuation plans as a matter of priority.

Major flooding of the South Esk River is occurring and is due to peak tonight or tomorrow morning.

A decision will be made mid to late morning as to whether evacuation is required in these locations.

Residents should remain vigilant and monitor ABC local radio for regular updates.

Advice to community:

  • Do not go near flood waters, drains or culverts.
  • Do not drive, walk, swim or cycle through flood waters.
  • Stay away from beaches
  • Beware of damaged trees and keep clear of fallen powerlines and floodwaters surrounding them.
  • Check that family and neighbours are aware of warnings.
  • Check on livestock and pets to ensure they are safe from floodwaters.
  • Drive to the conditions. If you don’t need to drive in the wet, stay indoors.
  • Listen to ABC local radio or check for regular updates.
  • Road closures check Link to External Site.


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