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30 SEP 2016 Nick Connolly - Acting Assistant Director Operations & Resources 132 500


Media Release - Severe Weather Response

As a result of the Severe Weather conditions experienced across Tasmania over the past two days the State Emergency Service have responded to over 60 Requests for Assistance and are continuing to respond to issues in Southern Tasmania. 

Requests for Assistance have included:

North West - 6 x requests

1x Business & 5 x Residence due to flash flooding as a result of insufficient or blocked drains and guttering to cope with the rainfall.

SES are monitoring river levels including the Mersey River at Latrobe.

North - 4 x requests

All residential: 2 x Launceston – water inundation through the roof due to guttering & drainage issues, 1 x George Town – Flooding due to high tide & drainage issues, 1 x Dorset – minor storm damage to the roof.

Rises in the Macquarie River may result in the closure of the Ross Bridge and low lying areas may be impacted.

South – 58 x requests (as at 2:00pm) 

Areas impacted include Brighton, Gagebrook, Old Beach, Huon Valley & Sandy Bay.

All residential: 17 x Huonville, 10 x Brighton with issues water inundation in and around residential properties.

1 x house self-evacuated in Huonville.

2 x dams under spill threat in Glen Huon, drains have been dug to alleviate problem. 

Assistance was provided by TFS to retrieve around 6 cars from flood waters.

A few reports of trees fallen and no reports of power lines down.

Also many roads across region impacted by water on roads from flash flooding. Some road have been impacted by flash flooding. 

The Huon River is expected to peak overnight at minor levels, SES will continue to monitor river levels. 

SES continues to monitor river levels with further rainfall in the North and North West. For specific flood warnings refer to Link to External Site


  • Beware of damaged trees and power lines, due to the saturated ground, trees may fall under these conditions
  • Drive to the conditions - Do not drive, walk, swim or cycle through flood waters
  • People clearing debris near rivers should take precautions due to rapid water level rises and possibility of shifting debris.
  • Manage pets and livestock
  • Be prepared in case of power outages
  • Ensure drains and gutters are clear of debris and are running freely
  • Disaster preparedness is a shared responsibility 

For flood and storm emergency assistance, contact the SES on 132 500 

SES has volunteer units on standby. 

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