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Date: Contact: Phone:
08 JUN 2016 DPFEM Media Unit 03 6173 2424


Flood Update 1700hrs

Key Message for Broadcast:

Tasmania is experiencing a significant flooding event. Even when it has stopped raining, flood waters will still be an issue. Do not enter floodwaters under any circumstances. Flood waters are dangerous and unpredictable due to fast flows and hazards that you can't see. For further information visit TasALERT - Tasmania Emergency Information Link to External Site.

Continuing to monitor high tide and will provide advice early this evening to residents in Invermay about when they can return to their homes.

Charles Street Bridge remains closed and this will cause traffic delays.

The high tide is currently causing inundation to Seaport and people should stay away from this area if it is not essential for them to be there.

Flood waters will remain dangerous even if they appear to be calm on the surface. There is a significant amount of debris in the rivers and it is imperative that people do not enter flood waters under any circumstances.

There is significant damage to roads and we urge people not to attempt to travel through still or rising floodwaters.

We urge people to avoid all non-essential travel and remind the community that safety is a shared responsibility and unnecessary visits to affected areas is unwelcome.

Residents are asked to remain vigilant and monitor the ABC as the emergency broadcaster.

Road closures:

For an up to date list of road closures visit Community Alerts and Road Closures (Tasmania Police) Link to External Site

Advice to community:

The number to call for those affected is: Tasmanian Emergency Information Service - 1800 567 567

Three evacuation centre and a recovery centre have been set up at:

  • Silverdome (55 Oakden St, Prospect)
  • University of Tasmania Newnham Campus (Newnham Drive)
  • Longford (Longford Town Hall, Wellington St)
  • Latrobe (Latrobe Memorial Hall, James St) – recovery centre

Safety Advice:

  • Do not go near flood waters, drains or culverts.
  • Do not drive, walk, swim or cycle through flood waters.
  • Stay away from beaches
  • Beware of damaged trees and keep clear of fallen powerlines and floodwaters surrounding them.
  • Check that family and neighbours are aware of warnings.
  • Check on livestock and pets to ensure they are safe from floodwaters.
  • Drive to the conditions. If you don’t need to drive in the wet, stay indoors.
  • Listen to ABC local radio or check for regular updates.
  • Road closures check Link to External Site. 


Dwellings inundated:

  • 50 properties in Newstead
  • 20 dwellings and 15 businesses in Latrobe
  • 7 dwellings in Wynyard
  • 5 dwellings in Ouse
  • A number of properties inundated in outlying rural areas
  • Almost 400 requests for assistance since Sunday

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