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Head Office  
Director: Andrew Lea
Assistant Director Operations and Resources: Nick Connolly (Acting)
Assistant Director Emergency Management: Matthew Brocklehurst
Executive Assistant: Margaret Ward
Manager Learning and Development: Vacant
Senior Planning & Education Officer: Colleen Ridge
Senior Planning & Education Officer: Chris Irvine
Executive Officer:
Simone Axton
Learning and Information Services Officer: Kathy Castle
Projects Coordinator: Cheryl Ames
Projects Officer: Darryl Glover
Clerical Support Officer: Karen Tope
Clerical Support Officer: Naomi Dance
Clerical Support Officer: Greg Parsons


Southern Region
Regional Manager: Mark Nelson
Regional Officer:  Mark Dance
Regional Training Officer: Adrian Webster
Administration Officer: Fay Evans


Northern Region
Regional Manager: Mhairi Bradley
Regional Officer:  Michael D'Alton
Regional Training Officer: Gerald Van Rongen
Administration Officer:

Amanda McEachen
Di Pickford


North West Region
Regional Manager: Wayne Richards
Regional Officer: Anthony Dick
Regional Training Officer:  Damian Hingston
Administration Officer:  Karen Williams