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Give Happy, Live Happy!

More than 6 million Australian volunteers give happiness to others each year. Research shows that that those volunteers are happier as a result. This National Volunteer Week (9-15 May 2016), help us make Australia the happiest place on earth!

Learn more about giving and living happily from Volunteering Australia Link to External Site.

Helpful in any emergency

An SES Volunteer addresses a safety issue during a parade

Helpful in any emergency Helpful in any emergency

Storm Damage

An SES volunteer patches a hole on a roof

Storm Damage Storm Damage

Flood Operations

An SES volunteer builds a sandbag barrier against flooding

Flood Operations Flood Operations

Road Crash Rescue

Volunteers cut open a car for extrication

Road Crash Rescue Road Crash Rescue

First Aid

SES volunteers assist a casualty

First Aid First Aid

Search and Rescue

SES volunteers conduct a line search in a bush setting

Search and Rescue Search and Rescue