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Flooding is a natural process. Many towns are located within the floodplain and derive social, economic and environmental benefts from occupying these areas. However, floods can impose significant costs on these communities if flood risk is inadequately managed. Flooding is one of the highest risk natural hazards that pose a threat to Tasmania. Flooding was the second most costly natural hazard between 1967 and 2005, with the average annual cost of flooding in Tasmania estimated to be $6.9 million.

The Floodplain Risk Assessment Guidelines for Municipal Councils in Tasmania are aimed at Municipal Councils and Municipal Emergency Management Committees whose risk profile includes significant risks posed by flooding hazards. They are intended to assist with the conduct of detailed specific flood risk assessments that may be required to compliment municipal level all-hazards risk assessments, and identify options to treat risks.

The Guidelines summarise a method for the assessment of floodplain risks that are consistent with the revised 2015 National Emergency Risk Assessment Guidelines Link to External Site (NERAG) and Managing the Floodplain: a guide to best practice in food risk management in Australia Link to External Site.   

Further information on the Guidelines can be obtained by contacting the SES Emergency Management Unit on 6173 2700.