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A proactive and rigorous approach to hazard research, risk assessment and risk reduction is an important investment that works to ensure the sustainability and long-term economic success of Tasmanian communities. These activities enable a ‘safer Tasmania’ by reducing risk, damage and losses (including economic, social and environmental) from emergency events.

In Tasmania, a broad prevention and mitigation strategy for emergency management has been evolving since 2001. The strategy includes the following elements:

  • Maintaining effective partnerships across State Government departments and between the three spheres of government.
  • Facilitating technical and consultative frameworks.
  • Implementing ongoing community education and awareness programs.
  • Making available and accessing mitigation funding support from Commonwealth and state funding programs for research, risk assessment and risk reduction activities.
  • Refining and implementing land use planning policies and other guidelines that are particularly relevant to development in areas which are subject to a significant risk from natural hazards and climate change. 

Broad responsibilities for mitigating the effects of hazards are mainly derived from state legislation, regulations and other regulatory instruments. The Emergency Management Act 2006 and Local Government Act 1993 established other provisions and powers to complement hazard specific legislation. The Local Government Act 1993 and the accompanying Local Government (Buildings and Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1993 formalised the partnership between State Government and councils to reduce risks to communities through the application of prevention and mitigation activities.

In Tasmania, the State Emergency Service coordinates access to funding programs for emergency management. Funding is available for local agencies, volunteer organisations and state agencies to assist with prevention and mitigation activities.

Information about current funding programs including application forms and guidelines are available. Funding Programmes