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Tasmanian Emergency Management Plan Issue 8

Hon. Minister Rene Hidding


In 2013 Tasmania experienced the worst bushfires in almost 50 years with many properties, businesses and substantial infrastructure destroyed in a number of Tasmanian communities. Thankfully no lives were lost as a direct result of the fires and the tremendous work of our emergency services and emergency management partners undoubtedly contributed to lives being saved. We also witnessed, first hand, the extraordinary generosity and strength of the broader Tasmanian community in times of adversity.

Events such as the 2013 bushfires and other emergency events in recent years highlight the importance of community resilience and the ability to bounce back and recover from disasters. I acknowledge the ongoing and valuable partnerships between all levels of government in emergency management and the significant work that is undertaken to make our communities safer, stronger, more resilient and better prepared to respond to emergency events.

The Tasmanian Emergency Management Plan (TEMP) is an important resource to assist emergency services and emergency management partners to prepare for emergency events and to be able to respond and recover from those events. The arrangements articulated in the TEMP are dynamic and responsive to change.

The TEMP is established under The Emergency Management Act 2006 (The Act) and is an essential element in the Tasmanian Government’s approach to assisting Tasmanian communities in the prevention and mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery from disasters.

This most recent review of the TEMP has been conducted in collaboration with emergency management stakeholders and included: a review of emergency management practices (including roles and responsibilities for prevention and mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery); consideration of the recommendations the Tasmanian Government accepted from the 2013 Tasmanian Bushfire Inquiry; and consideration of the recommendations in the Tasmanian Government’s Transition to Long-Term Recovery Report.

In accordance with The Act, the arrangements articulated in the TEMP are reviewed every two years to ensure continuous improvement through application and review, collaboration and consultation.

I commend the newly revised Tasmanian Emergency Management Plan to you.

The Hon Rene Hidding, MP
Minister for Police and Emergency Management