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Flood Recovery Taskforce Report - June 2016 Floods

The 2016 Floods

Recording-breaking rains caused widespread flooding across Tasmania in June 2016. Major flooding occurred in the Mersey, Forth, Meander, North Esk, South Esk, Macquarie, Ouse and Derwent Rivers. The speed and severity of the floods tragically resulted in loss of life and devastation to large numbers of families, businesses, farmers and local communities. A second severe flooding event occurred in July resulting in the Huon River’s worst flood in two decades.

The floods caused social, economic and environmental impacts across 20 of Tasmania’s 29 Local Government Areas. The total cost of recovery was estimated at $180 million.

Across Tasmania many groups have worked hard to help with the recovery process, including individuals, community groups, businesses and government. The results of this collaborative effort have been impressive.

The Tasmanian Government’s flood recovery response

The Tasmanian Government established the Tasmanian Flood Recovery Taskforce to work with affected communities and others in the recovery and rebuilding process. It was led by Commander Peter Edwards, who has extensive experience in disaster recovery, including the 2013 Dunalley bushfires.

The Taskforce played an important role securing Australian Government disaster funding and supporting locally-led recovery efforts of flood-affected communities and feeding their concerns back to the Tasmanian Government.

Flood Recovery Taskforce Report

The Taskforce released its final report in June 2017. The report documents the floods themselves, highlights the short-term activities and longer-term arrangements put in place as part of recovery process, and provides insight to inform future planning and mitigation efforts.