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Salvaging after the Floods

Prepared 29 June 2016.
For the latest information, check the Tasmanian Flood Recovery Facebook page Link to External Site, the TasALERT website Link to External Site or call the Tasmanian Flood Recovery Taskforce on 1800 567 567.

You must follow a number of regulations before salvaging anything from either Crown Land or Private Property.

Before removing any material from the beach, you need approval from the land manager and a licence from Crown Land Services.

If it is a public reserve, public access for salvaging is available. Permission is required from the managing authority for that reserve. Specific licence requirements exist for natural materials and stormcast botanicals. Removing cast seaweed or seagrass is sometimes undertaken to make use of the resource. Non-commercial users may remove up to 100kg a person a day with approval from the managing authority. If the material is to be sold directly or manufactured into a commercial product, then a harvesting license is required from Wild Fisheries in the Dept of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment.

You must be aware of the interpretation of stealing before removing things from private land or claiming your property back.

If something has washed up on your property you cannot automatically claim it (this includes animals). You MUST show reasonable effort in trying to locate the owner of the property. At the minimum, this means reporting to the local police or an organisation co-ordinating a response. Local councils often setup ‘lost and found’ throughout the response effort.

The movement of controlled waste, such as asbestos building materials and tyres, needs specific approval.

To identify material as controlled waste, go to Link to External Site

All the rules surrounding firewood collections are those that currently stand. However, safety must be considered due to the mixing up of other debris with the wood, along with the quality or contamination of wood sources.

You can collect firewood from your own property without a permit as long as it doesn’t contravene any conditions for taking native plants. You can’t enter public or private land for private collections without permission from land owners. Licences are required when sourcing wood from Forestry Tasmania. Gathering firewood from Public Lands needs permission from the Land Manager, a special licence from Crown Lands, and done according with Management Plans for those areas.

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