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Tasmanian Flood Recovery Taskforce

Recording-breaking rains caused widespread flooding in much of the North and North-West of Tasmania in June 2016. The speed and severity of the floods tragically resulted in loss of life and devastation to large numbers of families, businesses, famers and local communities. The social, economic and financial cost is extensive.

About the Taskforce

The State Government has established the Tasmanian Flood Recovery Taskforce to work with affected communities and others in the recovery and rebuilding process.

The Taskforce is working hard to ensure that affected communities are getting the support they need, as soon as possible, so they can get back on their feet.

The rebuilding, recovery and strengthening of flood-affected communities is locally and community driven.

The job of the Taskforce is to help in that community-driven response.

The Taskforce is working closely with a wide range of groups and individuals in the recovery process.

A Tasmanian Flood Recovery Interim Action Plan is being prepared. It reflects the immediate priorities of the Tasmanian Government, identifies the key recovery issues for the Taskforce, and identifies priority actions for the Taskforce.

A Long-Term Recovery Plan will be developed in due course.

Working with the regions

Regional Flood Recovery Committees have been established in the North West and the North to work with the Taskforce. These will help individuals, families and communities rebuild and recover.The Committees are coordinating longer-term recovery activities and supporting impacted communities to manage their own recovery.

Leading the Taskforce

The Taskforce is led by Tasmania Police Commander Peter Edwards, who has extensive experience, including leading the emergency response during the 2013 Dunalley bushfires.

Commander Edwards’ tasks are to:

  • work closely will everyone across Tasmania in the recovery process
  • coordinate the work of the Taskforce
  • ensure State resources are directed to helping affected people and communities.

Contact the Taskforce

Download information as PDF:

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The Taskforce prepared a final report, released in June 2017.