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Recovering from emergencies

Individuals and communities affected by emergencies will be assisted by Local, State and Commonwealth Governments and by community organisations.

  • accommodation (temporary)
  • financial assistance
  • catering (short-term)
  • care for children separated from guardians
  • registration and inquiry
  • evacuation and recovery centres
  • clothing and household items, and
  • personal support and community support

The responsibility for assisting communities to recover from emergencies is the Local Government.  If your community is affected by an emergency, you should contact your local council for information regarding evacuation centres and other forms of assistance.

The Department of Health and Human Services, along with community organisations including the Salvation Army, Society of St Vincent de Paul, Australian Red Cross and the Tasmanian Council of Churches will also assist.

Coping with a tragic event

Important information and helpful hints for people coping with a traumatic incident.

Lifeline Telephone Counselling Services are available 24 hours to talk to people who require support.

Members of the community can also contact their general practitioners, local hospital or community health centre for personal support.