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Tasmania's SES has the support role for coordinating planning related to emergency management plans and policies identified by the Emergency Management Act 2006 (Sections 9, 16, 22 and 32-35). This includes:

  • municipal emergency management plans (Maintained by Councils on behalf of the Municipal Committees); 
  • regional emergency management plans (North-West, Northern, Southern); 
  • the Tasmanian Emergency Management Plan; 
  • special emergency management plans; and
  • State, regional and municipal emergency management policies. 

SES maintains the plan management system for these plans and provides advice and support to other government agencies who have other responsibilities related to emergency planning.

Access to plans and policies
Plans and policies that are available to the public can be viewed by going to publications

See Current Plans for links to plans that require authorisation for access. 

Further enquiries about Tasmanian emergency management plans can be forwarded to: or your SES Regional Manager