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State Emergency Management Program (SEMP)

State Emergency Management Program (SEMP)

The State Emergency Management Program (SEMP) assists the State Emergency Management Committee (SEMC) in delivering programs to address significant natural disaster resilience projects.

To assist with the implementation of the SEMC Strategic Directions Framework Building Safe and Resilient Tasmanian Communities 2013-1018, in November 2013, the SEMC Strategic Directions Action Plan (the Plan) was approved.   The plan details a number of emergency management priorities and priority projects.

Like the Natural Disaster Resilience Grant or Emergency Volunteer Grant Programs, the SEMP is a competitive grants program targeted to fund the activities identified by the SEMC.

The applications for 2017 are now open until 31 January 2018.  Enquiries can be directed to Cheryl Ames, SES Projects Coordinator by email: or phone: (03) 6173 2887.

For more information, please read the program Guidelines and the Tasmania State Emergency Management Committee Strategic Directions Framework.

SEMP Application Form