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Supported NDRGP Projects 2014-2015


*Denotes projects that were initially funded in the 2012-13 funding round for two year projects. 


Project Name

Project Summary



Hobart City Council*

Major Rivulets Flood Map Recalibration and Climate Change Upgrade

(granted funding in 2012-13 round)


(year 2)


Dept. of Health and Human Services*

Building Emergency Capability in Primary and Community Health in Tasmania

(granted funding in 2012-13 round)


(year 2)


Tasmania Police*

Emergency Information Management and Sharing Project

(granted funding in 2012-13 round)


(year 2)


Dept. of Primary Industry, Parks and Wildlife and the Environment

Providing Contemporary Land Cover Information for Fire Emergency Mitigation Planning

The Project will significantly improve the timeliness and value of remotely sensed land and vegetation cover information to derive seasonal fuel load predictions, identify recent and historic fire scars and locate fire refuges. 



Dept. of Primary Industry, Parks and Wildlife and the Environment

Common Operating Platform (COP) Geospatial PDF Module

The Project will deliver the ability to generate interactive geospatial PDF files from within the COP application. 



Kingborough Council

Kingborough is Getting Ready

The project will:

  1. Assist to develop the capacity of residents and businesses to respond and recover from disasters;
  2. Undertake a detailed capacity and communication assessment for Bruny Island; and
  3. 3.   Create land use planning solutions for hazard management for Kingston Beach to explore limits to planning for resilience. 



West Coast Council

West Coast Emergency Ready Project

The Project will enable an upgrade of recovery centres so that they will be self-sufficient and capable of housing people for at least 48 hours.  Training for co-ordinators of the centres will be conducted and an Operational Emergency Manual will be developed.   



Tasmanian Visitor Information Network

Emergency Preparedness Program

The project will enable Tasmanian Visitor Information Centre staff to acquire the knowledge and be better equipped to effectively deliver emergency and disaster related information to visitors to the State. 



Australian Red Cross

Adapting REDIplan Household Emergency Preparedness for Tasmania

The Project will produce a range of Tasmanian-specific emergency preparedness materials that includes a household-level tool for individuals and families to identify and address their disaster vulnerabilities.   



Dept. of State Growth – Mineral Resources

Tsunami Hazard and Risk Assessment – Southeast Tasmania

The Project will undertake tsunami inundation modelling in the Southeast Tasmania area using the similar methods as previous modelling but utilising updated input data, covering a larger area and producing customised outputs.  A series of maps will be produced, each containing legends and map specific information based on consultation with the State Emergency Service.  The Project will address maritime hazards to shipping and major infrastructure.  The inundation modelling will be used to determine what areas need to be evacuated including airports and other public services. 



Dept. of Health and Human Services

Building Capacity in Tasmania’s Aged Care Sector

The Project will:

  1. Increase awareness of risk factors and effective responses to heatwave events;
  2. Build the capacity of residential aged care facilities to respond to heatwave events through the use of effective planning resources; and
  3. 3.   Build networks and relationships between agencies and sectors to respond to heatwave events. 



Northern Midlands Council

Longford – Hadspen flood risk study

The Project will:

  1. Conduct a hydrological review that will estimate new flood frequency estimates for gauging stations on the South Esk, Meander, Macquarie and Back Creek including concurrent flow estimation; and
  2. Undertake 2D hydrodynamic modelling of the Longford-Hadspen basin to convert hydrological hydrograph inputs into flood levels, extents and flood maps.

A number of components of the Project will be used as inputs into emergency management plans of both Northern Midland Council and Meander Valley Council.