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Current Funding Programs

Australia experiences a range of natural disasters including bushfires, floods, and landslides. Natural disasters occur through a part of the natural cycle of weather patterns, and the level of damage can be intensified by human activity such as vegetation reduction or mismanagement, and groundwater and irrigation schemes. Climate change will further affect the predictability and extremity of natural disaster occurrences.
The 2012 Tasmanian State Natural Disaster Risk Assessment has identified bushfires, flooding and storms/severe weather as the natural hazard priorities for Tasmania. However, the Risk Assessment further recognised the potential risks posed to Tasmanian communities through earthquakes, landslides, tsunamis, biosecurity emergencies and human pandemics. While the impact of these hazards is generally minor and localised, they can sometimes lead to disastrous consequences for Tasmanian communities, causing millions of dollars of damage each year to homes, businesses and the State’s infrastructure.
To address risks associated with natural disasters, the Natural Disaster Resilience Grants Program – Tasmania (NDRGP) and the Emergency Volunteer Fund (EVF) have been established as a joint Australian Government and State Government initiative with the aim of mitigating disasters and building community resilience. The State Emergency Management Program (SEMP) competitive grants program was established to assist with the implementation of the action plan for the SEMC Strategic Directions Framework Building Safe and Resilient Tasmanian Communities 2013 - 2018.